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If you misplace or lose your remote control of your LED cabinet light do not worry. You can still smile and use your lights.


The only LED cabinet light with a dual controlling system, with an on board mounted ON/OFF switch and a remote controlled switch,


LED Cabinet lighting from Canada LEDS is the worlds most sleek cabinet lighting now available to customers.

Choose from our selection of LED Cabinet Lighting. Amazingly low priced. 

Ordering LED Cabinet lighting is now very easy. Contact us directly in Canada or USA 

Dimmable LED Cabinet counter light + wireless remote Free Shipping to USA & Canada




                                                                              Dimmable LED cabinet lighting kit 


DUNN  from Canada LEDS presents Unique Multiple feature rich LED Cabinet lighting fixture   

1. Dual On/Off switching control - On the light fixture and on remote control- (See picture below)

2. Dimmer Capability - Three step on the light fixture and Continuous Dimming with 9+1 presets on remote control.

3. Feather Touch control -Standard feature with an option of press type on/off switch.

4. Plug-N-Play switch for LED light fixture

5. Integrated wireless sensor on the Plug-N-Play switch

6. Wireless remote control system




7. Special Interconnecting System-

a. Invisi-connect by Canada LEDS, connector completely disappears once interconnected (See picture below)

b. Cable connection- to interconnect with more modules


8. Power Supply Driver- Higher capacity

a. 24 Watts for longer life from Canada LEDS compared to 12 watts supplied by the competition

b. Runs cooler-Very long life

c. Higher capacity enables capacity for future expansion without purchasing a new power supply again thus saving you money.


9. Junction box Splitter- 8 port (FREE for the first lucky 100 customers- Until stock lasts)



Dimmable LED under cabinet Light + Wireless remote


 Our Mission-Our Lighting-Our Brand     

At Canada LEDS we strive to provide you not only with the best long lasting LED Lighting but also with with very high quality lighting, that will give you many years of uninterrupted 


You have a great choice of LED under cabinet lighting that will suit any kind of light for under cabinet, over cabinet light, general cabinets light, furniture lighting, wall lighting and general cabinetry lighting. 

This time you can choose the kind of LED under cabinet lighting of your choice. The LED under cabinet lighting that you like and the LED under cabinet lighting you prefer and 

the cabinet light you will actually love. Choose from the most popular cabinet lighting of the century. Our LED under cabinet lighting is a real brand LED under cabinet lighting.

DUNN  is our national and international brand and reflects very high quality when it comes to LED under cabinet light. For more information on our brand and related 

LED under cabinet light contact one of our very friendly customer service or our sales team to receive all kinds of information on our world class LED under cabinet light 

and desk lamp; Our team are an expert on LED under cabinet light and will be more than happy to give you no-obligatory advice on LED under cabinet light and desk lamps

in general even if you do not buy our cabinet light and LED desk lamps.

LED under cabinet light are available both in linear and puck styles. Again it depends on the end user. However, linear LED under cabinet light will always be considered to be the most

popular kind of LED lighting because linear cabinet light from Canada LEDS has a greater light spread over the illuminated surface area. In comparison a LED puck cabinet light also known as LED puck light or Light puck have a concentrated light spread in smaller areas. 

The most unique feature of our linear under cabinet light is the LED fixture that is just 8 mm (0.32) in height 


Company Profile

Canada LEDS is proud to be one of the first providers of LED lighting solutions in Canada and North America. Way back in 2003 North America suffered a massive electrical 

blackout due to overload of the electrical grid. A surge of electricity to western New York and Canada touched off a series of power failures and enforced blackouts yesterday that left parts of at least eight states in the Northeast and the Midwest without electricity. The widespread failures provoked the evacuation of office buildings, stranded thousands of commuters and flooded some hospitals with patients suffering in the stifling heat.

Our president a visionary in LED lighting was already prepared to introduce LED lighting to the continent. At this time not many knew if LED Lighting existed. However, LED lighting 

was introduced through news papers, press conferences, television who widely covered this new technology.

Canada LEDS was the first company in North America to introduce the first high wattage LED MR16 bulb. It was a 1 Watt LED MR16 high power LED bulb. This LED lamp emitted a 

whopping 20 lumens of light which was huge by the standards that time. However, LED technology evolved and brightness in LED Lighting multiplied and and is still evolving.

This does not mean that we do not use LED lighting. Go ahead and start using LED lighting and see the benefits by way of saving power and watch the amount of dollars

saved using LED lights.




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